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Don’t be fooled by the strong, wolf-like appearance of this breed. Alaskan Malamutes are incredibly friendly and provide bundles of fun. With large, heavy bones and broad shoulders, the ‘Mal’ is well-suited to agility trials, and will jump at the chance to exercise with its owner. Be sure to take your pooch on regular walks, hikes, runs and even swims!

This Spitz breed was crowned the official state dog of Alaska in 2010, following campaign efforts led by some 400 schoolchildren!


Malamutes are no stranger to hard work. Over 5,000 years ago, they were the trusted companions of the Mahlemut inuits of the Norton Sound region (hence the name Malamute). They worked very hard to haul heavy loads across the Arctic. Mals are not the speediest of dogs, but they make up for this in their endurance levels!


With careful training, these pooches make extremely loyal, loving and fun pets. Unlike their wolf-dog ancestors, they are trusting and will be friendly to strangers. They are sometimes used by hospitals as therapy dogs, as their hearts of gold provide comfort to those in need of it.

If you are considering getting an Alaskan Malamute, some good news is that they aren’t prone to barking the house down. Instead, they communicate by ‘talking or howling. They are far too friendly to be a guard dog.


Height 58-71 cm
Weight 34-57 kg
Other names Mal, Mally
Origin Alaska
Coat Double-coat, thick and waterproof. Undercoat is oily, whereas the outer coat is coarse
Colour Grey and black, sable, sable to red, white, grey and white, seal and white
Eye Colour Dark brown
Life Expectancy 10-14 years
Health Issues Cataracts, Chondrodysplasia, Hip and elbow dysplasia, Hermeralopia, Hypothyroidism, Inherited polyneuropathy, Von Willebrand’s disease
Care Tips This breed needs lots of love and attention
Coat should be brushed each day
Not suited to hot climates
Ensure any garden fences are secured below the surface, as these pooches are prone to digging
Mals can have a high drive for prey, so watch out for them chasing after squirrels in your local park!


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