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This Turkish breed is incredibly loyal and independent. You can be sure that this pooch will always be by your side to protect you from danger. Anatolians don’t just raise alarm when they sense danger, but they intimidate and ward off the predator too. This is why they’re known as a guardian dog rather than just a sheepdog. They fulfil their role so well that they are commonly used to protect endangered species. It’s no wonder the Turks are so proud of this breed!


The first exports of the Anatolian were in the 20th century, so it’s difficult to believe that they originated in ancient times! They were considered so valuable to Turkish nomads that they kept the breed secret.

It’s worth noting that ‘Anatolia’ refers to the Asian section of modern-day Turkey. It was here where these dogs would defend a farmers livestock against wolves and bears by living amongst the animals, ready to pounce.

In 1994 four Anatolians were transported to Namibia to aid cheetah preservation. The programme’s success has inspired many around the world to use the guardian dog for conservation efforts.


Even though this pooch is naturally a working dog, it fits in well to a family household. It has a loving nature and is fiercely loyal. The most superior quality of this breed is its protectiveness. Its first instinct, when faced with danger, is to position itself between the predator and its prey/human.

Anatolians are also very independent, meaning they don’t require lots of affection from their owner. However, it is still important that its needs are met with consistent daily exercise.


Height 63-80 cm
Weight 40-60 kg
Other names Anatolian Karabash, Kangal, Kangal Shepherd Dog
Origin Turkey
Coat Double-coat, thick and short
Colour Fawn, wolf sable (golden/brown) with a black mask
Eye Colour Black
Life Expectancy 11 to 13 years
Health Issues Autoimmune Thyroiditis, Bloat, Demodectic Mange, Entropion, Epilepsy, Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Osteosarcoma
Care Tips This breed isn’t ideal for first-time dog owners - consider investing in a training programme and educating yourself before you purchase your dog


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