About Us

At Dyefor, we create personalised gifts for all occasions. Our mission is to become the most innovative and creative custom gifts platform in the world.

From phone cases to suitcases, water bottles, beach towels, wrapping paper to ribbon, our range of interesting and unique product categories is ever expanding. We are committed to bringing you the highest quality custom products there are available.

We believe that pretty much anything is possible. We develop cutting edge technology that allows you to visualise your creations on screen, with customisation options our competitors can't. Be it designs incorporating star maps, pet portraits, avatars, or your favourite photos & text, you can create it all with Dyefor. Want to visualise your creation wrapped 360 degrees around a bottle? No problem.

We purpose-built a brand new production facility in the heart of Grimsby, UK. From here, our state-of-the-art hardware and creation technology power our on-demand manufacturing processes, which allow us to turn your creations into real products in a matter of hours. This approach is much more environmentally friendly, and cuts out any waste or excess inventory. It helps us do our bit for the environment, whilst employing locally and supporting British industry.