Collection: Personalised Marble Suitcases

We have a beautiful range of personalised marble suitcases that are absolutely bang on-trend and perfect for your next holiday. Our marble suitcases are available in three sizes, so whether you are shopping for hand luggage that complies to most cabins sizes, or a full size suitcase to check-in, we've got you covered. All of our personalised luggage can be customised with your initials, or name, or a simple monogram. So if you are shopping for a marble initial suitcase, that you can add two or three initials to, or a name in handwritten or cursive font then look no further. We have an ever growing collection of marble patterns, that currently includes carrara marble, gold marble, cracked vein marble, black, white and pink marble and even cotton candy marble. Our initials and names come in many colourways, including pink initials, gold initials and can even be embellished with love hearts or crowns. We believe there is no larger a collection of marble suitcases, than here at Dyefor.
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