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How to Creatively Display Your Family Photos

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It’s not uncommon for a realtor to ask you to take down family photos if you’re selling your home. Usually, this is because the realtor wants potential buyers to envision themselves in the home. However, family photo arrangements can also clutter rooms and distract potential buyers. 

Some realtors don't mind family photos in the house if they are arranged well. "With a family photo wall, it may be a good thing if it's done well, so people can imagine their own family there," says David Kassel, owner of art placement and picture hanging service, ILevel.

While you may not be looking to sell, the fact remains that uninspired photo arrangements can detract from the home rather than support the decor. To tastefully display your family pictures to guests, you'll have to get creative. The following tips will help you keep your memories alive while adding charm to your house’s interior.


Photo Boards

Whether foam or cork, photo boards are a great way to display photos you're not quite sure where to place. No frames, just push pins or clothespins are needed, and they can be rearranged with little effort. 

You can make it a point to decorate the board with fun patterns that fit the theme of pictures. Regularly changing the decor of your photo boards is a great way to highlight fun outings, celebrate anniversaries, or look back on family vacations — all while adding a crafty touch to your home.

Blankets, Pillows

To complement your furniture (and for great conversation starters), consider getting customised pillows and blankets with your family photos on them. A blanket with your loved ones on it can provide warmth, coziness, and a personal touch to your home. 

Cuddle up with your favourite picture of your spouse, or add a baby blanket with your newborn child’s picture on it to personalise the nursery. Just select the images you'd like, add a design for a background, and send it in for production. Family photos on blankets and pillows also make a great gift for Mother's and Father's Day, baby showers, and other family holidays.


Not just a great idea for a gift, personalised coasters displaying your family photos can add a touch of personality to your home. Rather than keeping small photos in awkward places, randomly scattered throughout your home, coasters can be a way to intentionally present your pictures in style. Show off your family while having beverages for dinner, or just admire your children while sipping tea at the coffee table. 

Phone, Laptop Cases

Personalised phone covers and laptop cases can add to your style while providing an extra layer of protection for your devices. You can show off your family on your phone every time you take a call or text. Phone cases are often seen as a form of self-expression and you can add flair to an otherwise ordinary-looking device.

Add a personalised laptop case to your computer so that while you’re working, you can reminisce about a fun day your family had together. Aside from joyful memories and personal style, phone and laptop cases can also shield your gadgets from unsightly scratches and bumps.

Fridge Magnets

Fridge magnets have long been a way to hang up grocery lists, your child's macaroni art, and reminders you don't want to forget. Spice things up with personalised refrigerator magnets. A significant portion of your time in your house will be spent in the kitchen, and you can decorate it with pictures of family and friends. Personalised fridge magnets make a great gift as well

Candles and Soaps

Yes, photo soap exists. Meant more for decor than hygiene, placing personalised soap with a picture of your family on it can be a crafty touch to your bathroom or kitchen. 

In the same vein, you can add more artful photos to your home in the form of candles. Candles are a great way to add ambiance to a space, and you can create an even more personalised touch with candles that display family photos.


Holidays are full of time with friends and family. Show them fond memories with a wreath covered in their favourite moments or a cornucopia horn filled with family photos. 

Add a familial touch to your holidays by incorporating family photos into your ornaments. When your visiting family starts the conversation about how good these times were, give them one as a gift.

Getting creative with your family photos can add a more personalised touch, inspire crafting projects, and make the interior of your home more enjoyable for everyone who sees it. Don’t be afraid to try a new approach to the classic family picture concept.

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