Personalised American Pit Bull Terrier Gifts

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The American Pit Bull Terrier is muscular in build and naturally agile. They can sometimes receive a hostile reaction because of their reputation. Neglectful and criminal owners take advantage of the dogs’ fierce athleticism by entering them into illegal dogfighting schemes. 12 European countries have restrictions and conditions of ownership on this dog, and they are unfortunately banned in the UK.

They are a misunderstood pup, as with the correct socialization training and care they are known to have hearts of gold.


The ancestors of this breed are the classic British Bulldog and the English Terrier. Breeders aimed to create a strong athletic body with stacks of energy for chasing game. They certainly achieved this, as the breed was used in various blood sports (bear-baiting being one of them) in the UK until it was made unlawful in 1835.

The Bull Terrier arrived in the USA in the late 19th century, where it was bred as both a companion and a working dog. They can sniff out drugs and explosives well, so are used as police dogs at border control.

Dog sellers have made attempts to overcome the Pit Bull’s reputation in recent years by selling them under a false name, ‘New Yorkies’. However, this faced substantial opposition amongst the public and didn’t work.


Despite being a fierce and confident breed, these dogs don’t display any natural aggression towards humans. It was a known fact that when humans broke up dog-fights in the fighting rings, the dogs would never bite them. They have an understanding of when to switch between being aggressive and when not to be. With correct training, American Pit Bulls would make a great pet in any household.


Height 43-53 cm
Weight 13-27 kg
Other names APBT, AmStaffs, Pit, Pit Bull, Pit Bull Terrier
Origin USA
Coat Smooth, fine and glossy
Colour Buckskin, black, red
Eye Colour Brown, amber, blue
Life Expectancy 8 to 15 years
Health Issues Congenital heart defects, Demodex Mange, Heart disease, Hip Dysplasia, Hypothyroidism, Skin allergies, Thyroid dysfunction
Care Tips Research the breed to ensure there aren’t any restrictions on it in your local area
Must be given socialization training from a young age - or they will grow up to be stubborn and out of control
Keep them on a leash in parks
If you have children, don’t leave them alone with the Terrier, and don’t allow them to pull on its ears/tail


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