Personalised Australian Terrier Gifts

If you are on the hunt for a personalised Australian Terrier gift, then you’ve come to the right place. We offer a vast range of products for both you and your dog to enjoy. Whether you want a snazzy dog leash, bed or bandana, our range is sure to make your pooch wag its tail with joy. Don’t forget to treat yourself too by shopping our range of mugs, laptop bags and many more!


Equal parts mischievous and gentle, the Aussie Terrier was the first breed to be officially recognized in its homeland. It is similar in temperament to British Terriers, meaning it’s strong-willed and not afraid to kick up a fuss. However, these softies are also gentle, and their comforting presence is proven to speed up the recovery process of those in hospital by lowering their blood pressure!


When European settlers arrived on Australian shores, they soon discovered that the dogs they brought with them were not well adapted to the hot climate. Breeders aimed to create a tough dog suited to work that could also provide companionship. British and native Aussie pooches were combined until 1820 when the Australian Terrier arrived in Tasmania.

Living in the remote regions of Australia is lonely, especially when you have to drive miles just to say hello to your neighbour! The Aussie Terrier is a devoted companion and a fearless destroyer of snakes, so it’s no surprise why they continue to be a treasured household pet.


They may only stand at 25cm tall, but what Aussie Terriers lack in size they make up for in character. When they are involved in activities and given plenty of love, they are at their happiest. Make sure you shower them with attention or they will feel neglected. They are suited to family households as they love being around children. Aussies will switch from loud and sassy to calm and gentle instantly in the presence of a child.


Height 23-28 cm
Weight 5.4-7.3 kg
Other names Aussie
Origin Australia
Coat Medium length, coarse
Colour Blue, tan, red, sand
Eye Colour Dark
Life Expectancy 12 to 14 years
Health Issues Diabetes, Ear and skin infections, Epilepsy, Legg-Perthes, Patellar Luxation
Care Tips They need brushing regularly You have to be quite harsh when training them or they will act stubborn and bossy Don’t leave them alone for hours on end Assess their joints regularly


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