Personalised Bernese Mountain Dog Gifts

Here at, we have a broad range of personalised Bernese Mountain Dog presents available for you to buy. Whether you are searching for a new dog bowl, bed or bandana for your pooch, we have a range to suit your needs. Why not treat yourself to a unique Bernese Mountain Dog gift too? We have everything from notebooks and notepads to laptop cases and tea towels!


Good-natured, calm and full of good humour, the Bernese Mountain Dog is an all-rounder. They are big in size and character but have a laidback temperament, making them suitable pets for most households. In Germany, they were ranked the 11th most popular breed in 2014! They are native to Switzerland and are easily distinguishable because of their long, glossy tri-colour coat. If you look closely, their white hair makes a swiss cross sign on their chest.


Bernese Mountain Dogs were brought to Switzerland over 2000 years ago by the Romans. They soon became a staple working farm dog, pulling crates of dairy from farm to farm across the Swiss Alps. Nicknamed the ‘cheese dog,’ this strong canine can pull up to 10 times its weight! Furthermore, their calm nature means that they can successfully pull their crate without getting distracted by anything on their journey. As soon as modern modes of transport were available, the need for Bernese Dogs fell drastically. However, a dedicated breeding programme in the 20th century ensured the breed didn’t die out. Now, they are a popular pet across Europe and America.


The Bernese Mountain Dog might look a bit intimidating, but it's a big softie at heart. They are incredibly gentle with children, and their calm nature means that they only become hostile as a last resort. One of the most charming features of this breed is their sense of humour - if they do something that amuses their owner, they recognise it as a cue to repeat the behaviour. They are eager to please their humans, so you can guarantee that they will constantly be goofing around to try and make you laugh!

Their love for humans doesn’t extend to everyone they meet, as they are wary of strangers. However, this is just because they’re protective of their owner. It’s advised not to leave the Bernese Mountain Dog alone for long periods, or they will become increasingly anxious, leading to them digging up your flowerbeds or taking a bite out of your sofa.


Height 58-70 cm
Weight 36-50 kg
Other names Berner, Bernese Cattle Dog, Berner Sennenhund
Origin Switzerland
Coat Long, thick, shiny
Colour Black, white and rust (tri-colour)
Eye Colour Dark brown
Life Expectancy 6 to 9 years
Health Issues Arthritis, Cataracts, Hip Dysplasia, Malignant Histiocytosis, Progressive Retinal Atrophy
Care Tips Best suited to living somewhere with access to lots of outdoor land They need a minimum of two hours of exercise each day Brush their coat frequently


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