Collection: Personalised Border Jack Gifts

There’s nothing better than a gift, especially that of a personalised Border Jack gift that shows just how much you love your Border Jack and celebrates how much they love you! Our extensive catalogue has so much choice on offer, all handpicked to be as customisable as possible. There really is something for everyone, from bandanas and dog beds for your pup to candles, aprons, and even notebooks for you.


Border Jacks are beautiful.

A stunning mix between a Border Collie and a Jack Russell, these hybrid dogs are cute, active, and nothing short of being a bundle of joy full of love. There’s no doubt that Border Jacks are among the most interesting pedigree dogs when it comes to looks, so it comes as no surprise that they are rapidly becoming more and more popular every year.


Since Border Jacks are hybrid dogs that are only born from purebred parents, it’s safe to say that these dogs started to appear in the United States at some point over the last decade or two, but there’s very little recorded, official information. Due to the amount of energy these little guys have, it’s easy to see why they were bred for agility activities, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming a popular home breed.


Border Jacks can simply be described in two words. Pure energy. It’s suggested that Border Jacks were bred initially to participate in agility sports, which makes sense when you consider how high-energy the purebred parent breeds are.

Very loyal and loving, Border Jacks are excellent around children and strangers, are incredibly friendly, and love nothing more than playing the day away. While there are next-to-no reports of abusive behaviour, Border Collies tend to be intolerant to negative treatment, which could result in tense situations between children if feeling overwhelmed. As long as children remain calm and supervised, there should never be a problem.


Height 16-22 inches
Weight 21-33lbs
Other names Border Collie x Jack Russell Mix
Origin United States
Coat Short but dense hair. Usually double-layered.
Colour Usually black and white, but can be found brindle, brown, merle, or a mixture of all (typically tri-coloured)
Eye Colour Black, white, brown (light or dark), merle, green, amber, yellow, blue, and potentially mismatched eyes colour
Life Expectancy 12-15 years
Health Issues Typical dog health concerns that affect the parent breeds. Check teeth and eyes regularly (Collie Eye Anomaly). Deafness and hip dysplasia is also a risk.
Care Tips Require lots of activity and exercise every single day. Needs frequent brushing since they shed hair a lot. Check and clean ears for potential infections often.


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