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There are few better feelings than treating yourself to a gift you love, and what makes that even better is when it’s a gift that reminds you of how much you love your Clumber Spaniel! We stock a huge range of personalised Clumber Spaniel gifts and treats for both you and your dog, including coasters, mugs, phone cases, laptop cases, and even pooch-inspired AirPods!

And don’t think we’ve forgotten about your pup. We’ve got plenty on offer, such as dog treat bags, beds, leashes and bowls, making it an effortless task to find the perfect pooch present for any occasion!


Clumber Spaniels are special spaniels. They don’t really fit the mould for what you may imagine a Spaniel to look like, and they have some rather interesting personality traits, but this of course doesn’t mean that you love them any less.

By far one of the easiest Spaniel breeds to train, highly intelligent in every way, and overall just big, slobbery balls of love that want nothing more than to give you all the affection they can, it’s easy to see why Clumber Spaniels are so popular among dog owners to this day.


There’s plenty of evidence that shows Clumber Spaniels have been around for a long time, some suggesting as far back as the 1700s, making it one of the oldest Spaniel breeds to come out of Spain. There are many stories that state how the Clumber Spaniel came around, but none are officially confirmed.

However, the most prominent story is that French Duc de Noailles gave all his Spaniels to the Duke of Newcastle in England to protect them during the French Revolution. The Duke lived in an estate named Clumber Park, which can be found in Nottingham, and here they adopt their names.


As anyone can tell just by looking at these beautiful doggies, they’re a very docile and passive breed that is renowned for being incredibly affectionate. While fairly active while they are young, these pups are infamous for being lazy and inactive the older they become, eventually turning into proper plodding dogs.

Children and other pets get on really well with Clumber Spaniels, especially when raised together, and there are few reports of these dogs trying to be the dominant one in the family. In this sense, there are few dogs out there that are this sweet-natured and calm!


Height 17 - 20 inches
Weight 17 - 20 lbs
Other names Clumber
Origin England
Coat Medium-length straight hair that’s fairly dense
Colour Black, white, and pled
Eye Colour Brown
Life Expectancy 9 - 15 years
Health Issues Prone to common dog health problems like Dysplasia
Care Tips Require weekly grooming to make sure their coat stays nice and healthy. Only need a moderate amount of exercise per week (around a mile per day). Having chew toys are essential!


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