Personalised Floral Suitcases

The dainty floral designs of these gorgeous suitcases provide the perfect way to start your holiday in style. Stand out from the airport crowd with your pick of these personalised floral suitcases. Our full range of suitcases combine the trendy with the practical, to leave you with a trustworthy, sturdy piece of floral luggage that will make all your fellow passengers envious. Our collection of flowers, spreads from peonies to roses, from spring flowers to tropical ones, you can be sure to find a botanical delight within this collection. With our fantastic customisation services, you can choose to personalise your floral suitcase with your initials, name or a photo - perfect for putting an end to any bag confusion at the conveyors. All of our luggage is made from hard polycarbonate plastic. This makes them sturdy enough to withstand all of the knocks and bumps that come with travelling. Each suitcase has eight multidirectional wheels, enabling for effortless navigation. Plus, with combination padlocks built in, these suitcases will keep all of your belongings safe. For all of the suitcases in this collection, you can choose between three sizes to suit your whole range of holiday luggage requirements.

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