Personalised iPhone Xs Cases & Covers

Our personalised iPhone Xs cases are carefully curated by our in-house designers, and customised by us in the UK. We use slim yet sturdy iPhone cases, that are minimalistic and strong and made of polycarbonate. This means you afford your shiny new iPhone Xs the protection it deserves without making it bulky, in fact our snap case measures in at only 1.5mm thick. Our custom iPhone Xs cases come with one of the largest ranges of case designs anywhere in the UK. We continually monitor trends in the industry and beyond, taking inspiration from fashion and design throughout the year. Our iPhone Xs case designs include,  floral cases , glitter, nature, art,  marble cases , zodiac and more. And not forgetting seasonal holidays such as Christmas. We allow for customisation of either your name, letters, initials or monogram, so you can create a phone cover that's cute and unique to you. Whatever you choose to personalise your case with, design it with Dyefor.


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